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[Mari Credit Card] How do I earn cashback with Mari Credit Card?

There are two ways to earn cashback on Mari Credit Card. 


1. Shopee spend:

  • Earn Unlimited Shopee Coins for eligible transactions using Mari Credit Card Instant Checkout, by selecting Pay In Full as the payment option on Shopee.
  • Do note that you will not earn Unlimited Shopee Coins if you choose to pay via

i)   Instalment 3x (i.e. 3 monthly instalments)

ii)  Google Pay

iii)  Apple Pay

  • Shopee Coins earned is subject to prevailing promotional rates which may vary. If you choose to pay using Apple Pay or Google Pay as the payment method for your Shopee purchases, your transaction will be recognised as card spend (refer to point 2).


2. Card spend:

  • Earn Unlimited Cashback on eligible card spend.


Please refer to the Terms and Conditions Governing Cashback for Mari Credit Card for transactions that are not eligible for Cashback. For full Mari Credit Card Terms and Conditions, see here.



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