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[Mari Credit Card] How do I get a refund on my purchases paid with Mari Credit Card Instant Checkout?

You can raise a return/refund request in your Shopee App.


Your refund will be reflected based on the status of your purchase.


If the Shopee order has not been completed:


For full cancellation, the refunded Mari Credit Card Instant Checkout transaction will be displayed as a cancelled transaction on your Mari Credit Card transaction history. No charges will be made to your Mari Credit Card.


For partial refunds, the remaining payable amount will be posted. Any Shopee Coins will be recalculated based on the new checkout total and awarded upon order confirmation.


If the Shopee order has been completed, and request for refund is successful:


The refund will be displayed as another transaction in your Mari Credit Card transaction history. The amount to be refunded will be used to pay off your current Mari Credit Card outstanding due amount, if any. Any excess refunds will be credited as an overpayment and can be used to pay off your next Mari Credit Card statement. Any Shopee Coins awarded will be deducted from your Shopee Coins balance. Please read here for more information on how the Shopee Coins refund will be displayed.

A completed Shopee order happens when:

§  You have accepted the order by tapping "Order Received" on the Shopee app, or

§  The Shopee Guarantee period ends (3 days after the Shopee order has been successfully delivered to you)



  • Late or nominal interest (if any) will not be offset by the refund and must still be paid by the upcoming due date. For more information on Interest, Fees and Charges, see here.
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