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[Return Refund] What are the effective supporting documents I can submit as evidence for my refund/return request?

Please submit the appropriate supporting documents relevant to your Return/Refund request. The required documents for each type of Return/Refund are listed below.


1. Faulty product

  • A clear video demonstrating that the product is not functioning as intended is required.



2. Incomplete/missing product

  • A clear photo/video showing the parcel received and the product(s) that came in the parcel is required.

3. Wrong product

  • A clear photo/video showing the wrong product(s) you received is required.

4. Counterfeit product

  • Photos/Videos that support the counterfeit claim are required.

5. Expired Product(s)

  • A clear photo/video showing the condition of the product(s) received with the expiry date is required.

6. Empty/Suspicious Parcel

  • A clear photo/video showing the parcel received that is empty or suspicious is required.

7. Change of Mind 

  • Subject to the return criteria listed at [1] of this article, returns for Change of Mind reasons will be accepted if the following evidence criteria is satisfied:

8. Spilled liquid/contents

  • A clear photo/video showing the product(s) has spilt liquid or content is required.

9. Scratch/dents

  • A clear photo/video showing the scratch/dents on the product(s) is required.


10. Shattered product

  • A clear photo/video showing the shattered/broken part of the product(s) is required.


11. Other types of damage

  • A clear photo/video showing the damage to the product(s) is required.


Here are some guidelines for submitting supporting documents:

  • Follow the file size limit: 10 MB per photo, 30 MB (up to 1 min) per video
  • Provide good quality evidence that is clearly visible (not blurry/pixelated)
  • Provide close-up shots to show defects clearly for damaged products
  • Uploading video evidence is highly recommended for returns of faulty products
  • Provide chat history or other evidence showing prior negotiation with the seller, if applicable 

⚠️ Note

  • If you have not received the parcel, you are not required to provide any documents. Shopee will investigate the issue with the seller and logistics partner.
  • If the seller is able to provide valid proof of shipment or evidence that the item is still in transit, the Return/Refund request will be rejected.
  • If the item is lost in transit, you will be refunded accordingly.
  • If you upload blank and/or blurred images, you may see the error message "Your image is unclear. Please try again.". You may see the example below: 


If you are unable to upload photos or videos from your device to the Shopee app, please check if you have granted the app permission to access photos on your device. You may refer here to a guide on how to provide access.

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