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[Shopee Xpress] Why can't I see Shopee Xpress (SPX) Self-Collection at checkout?

The Shopee Xpress (SPX) Self-Collection option may be unavailable due to the reasons below:

  1. The seller’s shop does not support SPX Self-Collection.
  2. The order value has exceeded $25.
  3. The parcel size exceeds the dimensions and weight range of the Collection Point: 
  4. Dimensions (Length / Width / Height): >30cm each
  5. Weight: ≥2kg
  6. You have 2 or more uncollected parcels from SPX Collection Points within the last 30 days. For example:

If today were 31st July 2022, and from 1st to 30th of July 2022, you had 5 uncollected parcels which were returned to sellers. Given that more than 2 parcels were not collected, it is likely that you won’t be able to use SPX Self-Collection for future orders.


  1. If SPX Self-Collection is not available for you due to uncollected parcels, it will be available to you after 1 month. This is under the condition that you have met the requirements of SPX Self-Collection service.
  2. If your access to SPX Self-Collection service has been disabled 3 times or more, it will be permanently banned.

If none of the reasons above applies to your order, please contact our Live agent via chat feature on the Shopee App.

  1. To reach out to our Live chat agent, you can go to the Me tab > Chat with Shopee
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