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[Scam Advisory] Is Shopee or Shopee Mall operating in Zambia?

No. Shopee and Shopee Mall does not have any operations in Zambia.

Shopee is in no way affiliated with “Shopee Mall Zambia”, or any entity that claims to be run by Shopee in Zambia. If you have been approached by this business or anyone claiming to be associated with this organisation, please note that this is a scam.

We urge the public never to purchase from, share information or transact with this organisation. If you have been affected, please seek assistance from the Police or your local authorities.

Please visit our official careers website for more information about the markets where Shopee operates.

In addition, Shopee only contacts our users through our official channels, such as Shopee’s verified Whatsapp or social media accounts, email addresses ending with @shopee.com, or push notifications via the official Shopee app. We also never ask users to make transactions outside of our official Shopee app.

If you receive a WhatsApp message from someone claiming to work for Shopee, but it is not from a verified Shopee account, do not give any personal information, download any apps, or visit any web page offered.

Verified Shopee Whatsapp account (with a green tick):

Shopee takes its rights seriously and reserves the right to pursue legal action against the misuse of our brand by unauthorised parties.

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