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[Shipping Returns] How do I arrange pickup with ZTO Asia for the return of bulky items?

To arrange a return pickup for bulky items under ZTO Asia, you need to ensure that the return parcel meets the following standard volume requirements:

  1. Weight: Between 30kg to 100kg
  2. Height: ≥ 80cm
  3. Length: ≥ 40cm

⚠️ Note Any return parcel that does not meet these standards will not be entitled to bulky-item return under ZTO Asia. You will need to self-arrange the return instead. Learn more about posting your return parcel under self-arrange.

General process for bulky-item return:

To help us process your return faster, you may:

  1. Pack the items for return securely in their original packaging.
  2. Write down your Shopee username and order ID on a piece of paper and stick it on the return parcel for the driver to identify the pickup item.
  3. Ensure that the contact number and address provided are accurate for the driver to reach out for pickup.
  4. Place the parcel outside the pickup address (in front of the door) for easy access and pickup, as the driver is not allowed to enter customer premises.
  5. Provide Shopee with photo(s) or video(s) as proof once the item is picked up. (For privacy purposes, please do not include the driver’s face.)
  6. The refund will be released to you after the required item has been returned (unless otherwise specified).

⚠️ Note

Shopee will not be liable for any damage to your return parcel due to improper packaging. Please take into account that your parcel may go through multiple touch-points during delivery (e.g., loading, unloading, sorting), and they should be adequately packaged to withstand the entire delivery cycle.

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