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[Digital Products - Flight] How Do I Add / Check Baggage Allowance For My Flight?

If you have not yet to purchase your flight booking, you can view and purchase additional check-in baggage allowance on the Fill In Details page.

⚠️ Note

You can only view the baggage section after you filled up your contact details and passenger details

If you have already purchased your flight booking with Shopee, you can view the check-in baggage allowance on the Order Details page.

⚠️ Note

Hand (cabin) baggage normally allows up to a maximum of 7kg per person/traveler. You should check with the individual airline for information on baggage limits and/or restrictions.


Can I purchase additional baggage allowance after making a booking on Shopee?

Please check with the applicable airline or the departure airport for more information on the purchase of additional check in baggage, using the Booking Code on your E-Ticket as a reference.


How to travel with sports equipment?

Most large sports equipment is prohibited in the cabin and must be checked in as baggage. Make sure to buy extra baggage capacity to carry your sport equipment. Some airlines will have additional handling fees for sport equipment. Please check with the applicable airline on their sports equipment handling policy, as it varies between airlines.

Can I take my pet on the flight?

You have to contact the airlines directly and use your PNR code number to arrange it with the airlines.

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