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[eGIRO] What is eGIRO (Linked Bank Account)?

eGIRO is a direct debit authorization payment method that enables you to make payment(s) directly from your linked bank account.

There are 5 banks available for eGIRO payment option:

  1. DBS
  2. UOB
  3. Bank of China (BOC)
  4. HSBC
  5. Maybank

You can now use eGIRO to purchase items from Shopee or top up your ShopeePay account.


  1. To checkout with eGIRO, there is a minimum spend of $20 required per check-out.
  2. To Top-up with eGIRO, the minimum top up amount required is $50 per top-up.

To enable this payment option, you would need to link your bank account first. Find out more on how to link your bank account.

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