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[Logistics Partners - HX Express] Why is my order status updated to Delivered when I have not received my parcel?

If your parcel from Hui Xiang express (HX express) with standard sea shipping is wrongly updated as “Delivered” before your estimated delivery date and you have not received it, you can continue to track your parcel via Aftership using your order’s tracking number as per the steps below:

1. Get your tracking number

On the Order Details page, go to the Shipping Information section > select VIEW > select COPY to copy your tracking number

2. Track your parcel via Aftership

On the Aftership website, paste your tracking number in the field under “Track package now” > select Track. The shipping information of your parcel will be shown.

If you find that the status of your parcel is marked as “Delivered” on Aftership but you have yet to receive it, you may contact our Live agent on the Shopee App for further assistance.

  1. To reach out to our Live agent, You can go to the Me tab > Chat with Shopee
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