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[Resources] How do I report brushing activities on Shopee?

If you spot sellers who are engaging in brushing activities, you can report them to Shopee.

Brushing refers to the deceitful act of creating fake orders, reviews, followers, and likes to boost sales.

Here’s how you can report such activities:

Reporting brushed orders

If you realise that a seller has created fake orders to increase the sold count for a product listing, you can report the listing via the more options icon on Shopee App or Report via Shopee’s website. Select Others for your reason.

Shopee App

Shopee’s website

Reporting brushed reviews

If you find that a product listing has reviews that seem fake, and are intended to mislead buyers about the quality of the product listing. You can report such listings via the more options icon on Shopee App or Shopee’s website. Select Other violations for your reason.

Shopee App

Shopee’s website

Reporting a shop for brushed followers and/or likes

If you think that a shop’s followers and/or likes have been accumulated via illegal means, you can report the shop. To do so, select the more options icon on the shop’s homepage in Shopee App. Select Others for your reason.

Shopee App

⚠️ Notes

  1. You have to be logged in to your account to make a report on orders, reviews, and/or shops.
  2. To report other brushing activities related to Shopee, you can fill in our Customer Service form.
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