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[Shopee Xpress] What is Pick Locker collection method and how to select it as my delivery option?

Pick locker is a new collection service that allows buyers self-collect their parcels from selected parcel lockers at their convenience.

To choose Pick Locker as your shipping option, go to the Checkout page, Select Shipping Option > Select Self-Collection > Select Standard Express - Pick Locker > Select a desired Pick collection point suggested based on your address > Select Confirm > Select Place Order.

If Pick collection suggestion point is not what you desired, you may choose another Pick collection point by selecting Shipping Option > Select Self-Collection > Select Standard Express - Pick Locker > Select Choose another collection point > Key in “Pick [Area]” (e.g. “Pick Ang Mo Kio”) in the search bar > Select a desired Pick collection point > Select Confirm > Select Place Order

You will be notified to collect your parcel via SMS and push notification once it has been deposited in the locker.


  1. Collection window is 3 days from the parcel deposited date - you may refer to the SMS or push notification for the date of the last day for collection.
  2. If your parcel was yet to be collected within the collection window, a daily reminder will be sent at 12 PM during this period.
  3. If collection is not made within the collection window, the parcel will be retrieved.

To find out how to collect your parcel from Pick Locker once it is ready, please refer to the article here

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