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What is Shopee Product Protection?

Shopee Product Protection is an add-on service that can be purchased on Shopee, allowing users to keep the Shopee purchases safe from accidental and/or liquid damages. This service is provided by third party service providers, XCover.com & Igloo.

There are 2 types product protection is available with Shopee:

  1. Gadget Protection for mobile phones, tablets, and smartwatches
  2. Electronic Protection for other electronics

This protection, which can be purchased via Shopee, allows users who have purchased electronics and gadgets to have peace of mind against any accidental and/or liquid damages (excluding theft) occurring during the 12-month coverage period. Users will be able to claim for professional repair or replacement services via authorized centers.

To further understand the respective Product Protection, go to Digital Products > Scroll to Product Protection > Choose either Gadget Protection or Electronic Protection.


For more information on purchasing Shopee Product Protection, please refer to this link.

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