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[Account safety] What should I do if there is an unauthorised Shopee transaction on my credit card statement or bank account?

Log in to your Shopee account to search for an order that matches the transaction by viewing your Purchase History.

1. If you find a match but the order was not made by you, ask yourself: could anyone (child/spouse/parent) with access to your account have made the order? 

  1. If yes, check and ask the person for clarification.
  2. If not, it is likely that your account has been compromised. You should change your account password, ShopeePay PIN, and contact Customer Service for assistance.

2. If you cannot find a match in your Shopee account, ask yourself: is there anyone (child, spouse, parent) with authorisation to access your bank account/credit card and does that person know anything about the charge?

  1. If yes, check and ask the person for clarification.
  2. If not, contact the bank/card issuer immediately to see if the payment can be cancelled. Contact customer service to follow up on this matter; This will help us track down and take action against the fraudsters, better protecting your account from such fraudulent transactions.

Fraudulent transactions can happen when your personal or financial information such as bank or credit card details, has been compromised. At Shopee, we do our part to keep your personal details safe. To protect yourself against unauthorised transactions, please also keep your information safe. 

Some tips to keep your information safe: 

  1. Log out of your accounts when using public computers
  2. Be wary of phishing links; always double check the URL of websites when entering personal details 
  3. Never share your OTP with anyone
  4. Set up 2FA verification methods for added security
  5. Keep updated on recent and relevant scams

If you have been a victim of fraudulent transactions, please seek assistance from your bank/card provider. Shopee takes your reports seriously and we appreciate you reaching out as it will help make Shopee a more secure platform.

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