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[ShopeePay] How do I use my Shopee coins to offset my purchases on authorised apps/services?

After linking ShopeePay to authorised apps/services (e.g. Apple) as your payment method, you will have the option to use Shopee coins to offset your purchases on authorised apps/services. 

How to allow Shopee coins redemption?

Settings for Shopee coin redemption are toggled off by default. You can toggle on/off with the following steps: ShopeePay Wallet Page > Select ⚙ Setting Icon (Located on the Top Right) > Select Authorised Apps / Services > Toggle On/Off Coin Redemption

Upon toggling ON coin redemption for authorised apps/services, Shopee coins will be redeemed on all subsequent transactions made via the authorised apps/services, where Shopee coins balance is available.

100 Shopee Coins is equivalent to $1. Shopee coins will be used to offset transactions, up to 

  1. a maximum of 50% of your purchase amount
  2. a maximum of 2,000 coins per day

For example, if you had previously linked your Shopeepay account (i.e. authorised Shopeepay) on the merchant's website/app service, your available Shopee coins (if any) will be able to offset your payment amount for transactions subsequently made on the merchant's website/app.

Following is the example of Shopee coins offset on authorised app/services using ShopeePay: 

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