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Why can't I use vouchers on infant milk formula products?

The reason why vouchers cannot be used for Stage 1 (0-6 months) and Stage 2 (6-12 months) infant milk formula products on Shopee is because Shopee adheres to government regulations based on the Sale of Infant Foods Ethics Committee Singapore (SIFECS) Code of Ethics. These regulations restrict Shopee sellers from:

  1. Advertising or promoting infant milk formula with monetary incentives or other forms of incentives.
  2. Encouraging the progression to other formula milk products, such as Stage 3 or Stage 4 milk formula.
  3. Presenting infant milk formula as a substitute that is equal or superior to breast milk.
  4. Setting up promotions or advertisements for Stage 1 and 2 milk formula products.

These policy guidelines aim to safeguard infant nutrition by ensuring that breast milk substitutes are used appropriately and safely when necessary.


The above guidelines do not apply to:

  1. Stage 3 and Stage 4 milk formula
  2. Foods for special medical purposes (FSMP) for infant.

Foods intended and formulated for patients, including infants, with special dietary needs. This includes patients with reduced capacity to digest or absorb ordinary food or nutrients. FSMP can only be used under medical supervision. 

FSMP products exclude:

  1. Products with claims such as "anti-regurgitation" or "lactose free"
  2. Products with a partially and/or completely hydrolysed formula
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