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[Account Safety] How do I ensure that I am shopping on Shopee’s official platform?

Shopee Official Website

When accessing Shopee via web browsers, please ensure that the link shown on the browser is https://shopee.sg/:

Shopee official website

Shopee Official App

When downloading the Shopee application onto your mobile device (e.g. mobile phone, tablet, etc.), do note that there is only one (1) official Shopee application, which is also used for ShopeePay and ShopeePay Vouchers.


You can determine if the application is genuine by ensuring that: 

  • The application is downloaded via official app stores such as Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Huawei App Gallery.

  • The developer’s name for the application on the official app stores are as follows:

  1. iOS official application

iOS Shopee application

  1. Android official application

Android Shopee application


You may also encounter the Shopee Partner application on the official app stores:


Shopee Partner application


Do note that the Shopee Partner application is only for the use of our ShopeePay Merchants.



Do not download applications as APK (Android Package) files, which are application installers, from third-party websites or applications that uses the Shopee name and have suspicious developers. Shopee will never ask its users to download any APK files.


Contact Shopee Customer Service for more information.

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