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[SPayLater] Why can't I check out with SPayLater?

There are 2 possible reasons why you've activated SPayLater but are unable to check out with SPayLater.

  1. You may have missed a SPayLater payment

  Your SPayLater account has been suspended because you missed a payment. To lift the

  suspension, you need to pay your SPayLater bills. Go to the Me tab > select My SPayLater

  Select Pay Now > select a payment method > select Confirm > proceed with the payment process. 

  1. The checkout amount exceeds your Available Balance

  Check that the total purchase value of your basket is within your Available Balance.


  1. If you are able to checkout with SPayLater, however find that a previously offered installment plan is unavailable, kindly be informed that available SPayLater options are subject to seller’s discretion.
  2. You may find out more details on where you can use SPayLater.
  3. If SPayLater is not working, you can try some basic troubleshooting techniques

If the above does not apply and/or the problem still persists, you can contact Shopee Customer Service via chat directly with our live agents via the Shopee App

To chat with our live agents, go to the Me tab > click Chat with Shopee.

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