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[Shipping Returns] How do I ship my parcel for return/refund?

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After your return has been approved, you have 5 days to select your preferred shipping option and 10 days to return the item after selecting your preferred shipping option. Your return request will be canceled if you do not select your shipping option or return the parcel within the given timeframe. 

You may refer to the due date displayed in your Shopee App.

You can ship your return parcel using either Drop-off, Pick Up or Self Arrange methods as shown below :-

Drop-off Method (Free of Charge)Guide

You can drop off your parcels at the nearest branch. Shopee offers 2 return drop off channels:

  1. Singpost POPStation
  2. Shopee Xpress Service Point (available for Selected Buyers)

1. Singpost POPStationGuide

You can return your parcel easily by dropping it off at any SingPost POPstation. Ensure that your parcel is less than 30kg and/or within the dimensions of 42cm (L) x 37cm (W) x 61cm (H).

2. Shopee Xpress Service Point - Guide (For selected users only)

You may drop your parcel at the nearest SPX Return Service Point, ensuring that your parcel weighs less than 5kg and has dimensions that do not exceed 80cm (L + W + H). Before heading to the nearest Shopee Xpress Service Point, you have two options:

  1. Download the return label shared in the App and paste it on the outer packaging.
  2. Attach the label provided by the return service point to the outer packaging, along with the Tracking Number and your username.

At the Shopee Xpress Service Point, hand over the parcel to the staff at the counter. If your return label is handwritten, make sure to have the QR code in your Shopee App scanned before you leave.

Pickup Method (Free of Charge) 

You can request for a pickup service if you would like to have your parcel picked up from your doorstep. Shopee offers 2 return pickup channels:

  1. J&T Return Pickup
  2. Ninja Van Return Pickup (only available for Shopee Mall products)


1. J&T Return Pickup - Guide

This return method is available for return parcels between 5kg to 30kg, with dimensions not exceeding 150cm on any side, where the pickup addresses are located within serviceable areas.

After selecting Pick Up, set your Pickup Date and Pickup Time > Set Pickup Address > Select Confirm.