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[ShopeePay] How to activate ShopeePay and set up ShopeePay PIN?

To activate ShopeePay, you will need to set up your ShopeePay PIN.

ShopeePay PIN refers to the 6-digit number used for verifying your identity. The PIN number is required when you use ShopeePay for various transactions.


Setting up your ShopeePay PIN number

You will be prompted to set your ShopeePay PIN number when you’re setting up your ShopeePay account be following the steps below


Go to the Me tab > Select ShopeePay > Check terms and tick then select Set Up ShopeePay > Fill in verification code and Continue > Enter a 6-digit ShopeePay PIN number > Fill in again for double confirmation and Confirm


Setting up ShopeePay



  1. To activate ShopeePay and set up your PIN number, you’ll need to set up your phone number first.
  2. Sequential numbers such as 123456 are not accepted.
  3. Avoid using the same string of numbers within your Shopee account password as this might put your account security at risk.
  4. Change your ShopeePay PIN number regularly via the ShopeePay Settings page to secure your account.
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