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[Vouchers] What vouchers are there on Shopee?

There are 3 main types of vouchers on Shopee:

  1. Platform Vouchers (Shopee Vouchers)
  2. Coins Cashback Vouchers
  3. Discount Off Vouchers (Fixed Amount/Percentage)

 2. Free Shipping Voucher

 3. Seller Vouchers (includes Shop, Product, Live Voucher)

  1. Coins Cashback Vouchers
  2. Discount Off Vouchers (Fixed Amount/Percentage)


The promotions that these vouchers offer include coins cashback, discount amount, discount percentage and free shipping promotions.


  You can claim and use these vouchers to get a better deal on your purchases on Shopee. To maximize available discounts, you can stack a free shipping voucher with a Shopee voucher and a seller voucher.


However, you cannot stack more than 1 of each main voucher type. For example, you will not be able to use a shop and product voucher at the same time.


Finding vouchers

You can find vouchers on various Shopee pages. You can start with the voucher page from the Shopee App homepage.



Claiming vouchers

Once you've found a voucher that suits your shopping needs, you can claim it for later use. 

All claimed vouchers can be found on the My Vouchers page


Using vouchers

You can use your voucher codes by applying the voucher at checkout. Alternatively, if you have a voucher code, you can enter it before making payment. 


⚠️ Note

You can refer here to know more about reinstatement of vouchers.

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