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[ShopeePay] What is ShopeePay?

ShopeePay is a digital wallet service offered by Shopee that you can use for:

(a) Online transactions within Shopee.

(b) Offline transactions with merchants who accept payment via ShopeePay.

(c) Receiving or transferring payments to your contacts and withdrawing the funds to your bank account.

Accessing ShopeePay:

You can access ShopeePay directly from your Shopee app by selecting your ShopeePay balance on the Shopee app homepage.

Accessing ShopeePay via App homepage


Alternatively, you can also access it by going to the Me tab and selecting ShopeePay.

 Accessing ShopeePay via Me tab 


Getting started with ShopeePay

Activate your ShopeePay account by accepting the terms and setting up your ShopeePay PIN.


For a seamless ShopeePay experience, we strongly recommend you verify your account and set up auto top-up of your balance.


Wallet Balance Limit

  1. ShopeePay (Unverified account): You can top up a balance of up to SGD 1,000.
  2. ShopeePay PLUS (Verified account): Verify your account to upgrade your ShopeePay e-wallet to ShopeePay PLUS. Once your account is verified, you can use ShopeePay to pay for transactions up to SGD 5,000, as long as you have sufficient funds in your account.



  1. There is no minimum amount required for each ShopeePay or ShopeePay PLUS transaction.

For the full terms and conditions, you can find them via ShopeePay Settings ⚙ > Our Policy.


Accessing ShopeePay policies

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