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[ShopeePay] How do I top up my ShopeePay balance?

You can top up your ShopeePay balance with the following payment methods:

  1. PayNow
  2. Credit/debit card (administrative fees apply)
  3. eGIRO (Linked Bank Account)


To top up your ShopeePay balance, select ShopeePay Wallet  on the homepage > Select Top Up > Input payment amount and select Payment to view payment methods > Select preferred payment option and Confirm > Select Pay Now to complete payment.


If you encounter problems with topping up your ShopeePay balance, it is likely that a payment issue has occurred. Contact us with the Transaction ID. You can find it by selecting the failed Top up transaction under Last Transactions > COPY.

 Copying Transaction ID for failed top-up

Credit/debit card top-up fee:

From 13 December 2022 onwards, administrative fees for all top-ups via debit and credit cards will be changed from $1 per transaction to 2% per transaction. This applies to all top-up and auto top-up transactions.

For example, if your top up amount = $10:


Effective from 13th December 2022

Total payable amount

= Top up amount + $1

= Top up amount + 2%

= $10 + $1

= $10 + ($10 X 2%)

= $10 + $0.20

= $11

= $10.20

The charge will be reflected as Admin Fee on the top-up page when you top-up with your debit/credit card. The admin fee is non-refundable.

Auto top-up

Set up auto top-up to ensure that you’ll always have sufficient funds in your ShopeePay account.

To set up Auto top-up, Select ShopeePay balance on the Shopee App homepage > Select ShopeePay Settings ⚙ > Select Auto Top Up Settings > Set value for When Balance Falls Below > Set value for Top Up Amount > Select Top Up method > Select your preferred Top Up method > Select Confirm > Select SAVE.