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[ShopeePay Merchant] How do I become a ShopeePay merchant?

Here are 3 steps to become a ShopeePay merchant and set up ShopeePay in your store:

  1. Sign up via the ShopeePay Merchant Registration Form
  2. Set up the Shopee Partner App on your store's mobile device
  3. Set up the ShopeePay in your store


1. Signing up as a ShopeePay merchant

  1. After submitting the ShopeePay Merchant Registration Form, the Shopee team will contact you within 7 working days to determine the terms of the partnership, including any applicable service fees and taxes. (Please make sure you have provided all required documentation and information during the registration process.)
  2. You'll then receive more detailed instructions, ShopeePay publicity materials, and login credentials for the Shopee Partner App.


If you do not receive a response, please reach out to us for further assistance. 

2.  Setting up the Shopee Partner App

  1. The App is your central  management tool for receiving payments and verifying your revenue.
  2. Download the Shopee Partner App (available for Android, iOS, and HarmonyOS).
  3. Log in to your ShopeePay Merchant account using the credentials provided during the registration process.

 Login page for Shopee Partner App


When prompted, select Allow notifications to receive instant updates when a customer pays at your store

 Allowing notifications for Shopee Partner App


3. Setting up the ShopeePay payments

  1. Display the ShopeePay QR code prominently in your store's payment counter to encourage cashless transactions via ShopeePay.


Learn more about using the Shopee Partner App as a ShopeePay merchant in this video: 

For more information, please visit ShopeePay Merchant help center.

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