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[My Account] How do I change my account password?

You can change your account password via App or Website.

Changing account password via App

To do so, go to the Me tab via Shopee App > Select ⚙ Setting Icon > Select My Profile > Select Change Password > Enter Current Password as verification and select CONTINUE > Enter New Password > Select RESET.

 Changing account password on Shopee App

Changing account password via Website

To do so, go to shopee website homepage > Select your Username on the top right corner > Select My Account > Select Change Password > Enter your current and new account passwords > Select Confirm


⚠️ Note

  1. Passwords are required to have:
  2. A minimum of 8 characters (maximum 16 characters).
  3. At least one uppercase and one lowercase character.
  4. You are encouraged to include numbers and symbols (e.g. !@#$%^&*) to create a strong password that is harder to guess.
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