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[My Account] Why is my account being limited?

Your account may be limited if it is detected to be involved in suspicious activities that violate our Terms of Service, such as creating fake orders, abusing vouchers/promotions, or engaging in scams.

If your account is limited, you may see a pop-up message during login or checkout that informs you about it.

To reactivate your account, you can file an appeal by submitting an account activation request form. Depending on your case, you may need to provide some documents. Please refer to the below for documentation needed:-

For Buyer 

Valid photo ID (e.g. NRIC/Student ID/FIN)

Proof of purchase (e.g. pictures of the purchased products, shipping order, a screenshot of chat with buyer/seller etc.)

For Seller

Valid photo ID (e.g. NRIC/Student ID/FIN)

A copy of the business license / ACRA

Proof of shipping/delivery/consignment note

Proof of product pre-ownership (e.g. supplier invoice, receipts, etc)

Full description of the business model (e.g. how you run your business, whether you sell on other platforms, the size of your team, location of your business and etc.)

⚠️ Note:

  1. Once you have submitted the appeal form, you will receive an update within 3 working days via email. 
  2. Limited accounts could be permanently suspended if:
  3. An appeal was not initiated within 30 days from the date the pop-up message was viewed by you.
  4. The appeal was rejected.
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