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[New to Shopee] How do I log in to my Shopee account?

You may log in to your registered Shopee account in 4 ways:


1. Via phone number/email address/Shopee username with account password 

Go to the Me tab via Shopee App > Select Log In > Enter Phone, Email or Shopee Username and Password > Select Log In.


Shopee account login using password via Shopee App


2. Via SMS

Go to the Me tab via Shopee App > Select Log In > Log In with SMS > Enter Phone Number > Select Next > Enter CAPTCHA Code > Enter Verification Code > Select Next.


Shopee account login using SMS via Shopee App


3. Via Google, Facebook, or Apple account

Simply select the third-party account you wish to log in with, and follow the instructions for verification. 


4. Via QR code on Shopee Website (scan with Shopee App)

You may log in to your account via Shopee Website using the 3 ways above, as well as by scanning the QR code on the Login page.


To do so, select Login on Shopee Website > Log in with QR > Scan QR code with Shopee App.


Shopee account login using QR code on via Shopee Website


To scan the QR code with Shopee App, select QR/Barcode Scanner on the App homepage > Scan QR code > Confirm Login.


Scanning QR code using Shopee App to log in via Shopee Website


⚠️ Note

  1. Ensure that you do not share your verification code (OTP) with anyone. 
  2. If you don't have a Shopee account yet, find out how to create a Shopee account.
  3. If you are unable to login, find out more about the possible reasons and solutions for login issues.


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