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Returns & Refunds

Raising requests

[FAQ] About returns/refunds for buyers

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Here are some common enquiries on return/refund:


Raising return/refund requests

  1. [Return Refund] Can I request for an exchange?
  2. [Return Refund] How do I raise a return/refund request?
  3. [Return Refund] Can I raise a return/refund request after selecting Order Received?
  4. [Return Refund] Can I return a product I received as a Free Gift under New User Rewards?
  5. [Return Refund] What should I do if I have not received an order that is shown as Delivered?
  6. [Add-on Deals] How do I return/refund products purchased as Add-on Deals?
  7. [Return Refund] What are the effective supporting documents I can submit as evidence for my refund/return request?
  8. [Return Refund] What are the terms and conditions for returning products?

After submitting return/refund request

  1. [Return Refund] What happens after a seller receives my return/refund request?
  2. [Return Refund] Why is my return/refund request status shown as Case Under Review?
  3. [Return/Refund Negotiation] What can I do when I receive a partial refund proposal from the seller?
  4. [Return Refund] How does Shopee help to resolve returns/refunds?

Shipping return parcels

  1. [Shipping Returns] How do I ship my parcel for return/refund?
  2. [Shipping Returns] How do I pack my parcel for return/refund?
  3. [Shipping Returns] How do I get a return label for my parcel?
  4. [Shipping Returns] How do I track my return parcel?
  5. [Shipping Returns] Will the shipping costs for my return parcel be covered by Shopee?

Receiving refunds

  1. [Return Refund] How long will it take for me to receive my refund?
  2. [ShopeePay] How do I ensure that my refund will be processed to my ShopeePay account successfully?
  3. [Instalment] How will I be refunded if I paid by credit card instalment?
  4. [Shipping Fee] Will the shipping fee I paid be refunded if my order is returned/refunded?
  5. [Vouchers] Will my voucher be refunded if I request a return/refund for my order?
  6. [Vouchers] Will my voucher be refunded if my order is cancelled?
  7. [Shopee Coins] How will my Shopee Coins be refunded for an order that is cancelled/returned/refunded?

Information on Shopee Mall return/refund are listed separately.

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