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[Return Refund] What happens after a seller receives my return/refund request?

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The seller will be notified of your return/refund request and must respond within 2 days. There are 4 possible outcomes you can expect:


1. Seller accepts request

If the request is accepted, you will receive return instructions via in-app push notification and email, if applicable. The refund will be processed accordingly after the returned products are checked and approved.


2. Seller does not respond within the given time frame

If the seller fails to respond in time, your request will be automatically approved and the refund will be processed accordingly. 


3. Seller proposes a negotiation 

The seller may propose a partial refund (an adjusted refund amount) without the need for return. You will have 1 day to respond with one of these options: 

  1. Accept
  2. Counter (propose a different amount)
  3. Reject and proceed with the return for a full refund

4. Seller disputes

If a dispute is raised, Shopee will step in to mediate the situation. Shopee may require both buyers and sellers to provide further evidence in order to come to a fair resolution.

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