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[Follow Prize] What is a Follow Prize?

Follow Prize is a reward voucher for buyers when you follow a shop. The voucher value varies, depending on the shop's seller. You can use the voucher to get a discount when you buy from the shop that you followed.

You'll see a pop-up window when you visit shop pages of shops offering the Follow Prize. If you close the window, you'll still be able to access the voucher via the seller's profile.

Follow Prize labels on shop page



  1. Only certain shops offer Follow Prizes.
  2. Posts with the normal Follow label means that no Follow Prize is available.

To use Follow Prize vouchers, apply them like any other voucher



If you're unable to see the voucher even though you know that a shop is offering a Follow Prize, it may be due to the following reasons:

  1. You have previously followed the shop.
  2. You have previously claimed a Follow Prize from the shop.
  3. You are viewing the shop on a desktop. View the shop on Shopee App to get the Follow Prize voucher.
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