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[Vouchers] Where can I find vouchers?

You can find vouchers that fit your shopping needs from different pages within the Shopee App:

  1. Browse vouchers - Vouchers pages, Shopee Live pages.
  2. Browse products with vouchers - Search results page and product page
  3. Find vouchers for a specific shop - Shop page


  1. Browse vouchers

If you're browsing for vouchers in general, take a look at the voucher page from the Shopee App homepage. Select Vouchers > Claim.

 Vouchers page


Claimed vouchers will be saved in My Wallet > My Vouchers. You can also select Get more vouchers on the same page to view vouchers.


  1. The Vouchers shortcut icon title may change with different campaigns.


Another good way to find vouchers is to browse the pages featuring Shopee Live, which include more engaging product content.


To visit the Shopee Live page, select Shopee Live > look out for livestreams with the Voucher label. 

 Finding vouchers on Shopee Live


2. Browse products with vouchers

If you are looking for a specific product to buy, search for it and look for products that have the orange voucher label. The text on the orange voucher label tells you if the voucher is offering a fixed amount, percentage, or Shopee Coins cashback discount.

Finding vouchers on search results


Once you've selected a product, you'll be able to view the voucher details by selecting Shop Vouchers on the product page.

 Finding vouchers on product page


3. Find vouchers for a specific shop

If you already have a specific shop or brand in mind that you want to buy from, go directly to the shop's homepage and you'll find available vouchers, including the Follow voucher for shoppers who follow a shop.

 Finding vouchers on shop page

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