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[Instalment] How will I be refunded if I paid by credit card instalment?

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For orders paid via credit card instalment, your refund will be credited to your credit card within 7 to 14 working days, depending on the issuing bank. You will be able to view the amount on your monthly credit card billing statement.


If your refund is still being processed but your first instalment is due soon, you will still need to pay your first instalment first. The amount paid for your first instalment will then be credited back to your credit card once your refund has been processed.


In the event where your refund is not reflected in your credit card billing statement within the month of your return/refund request, it may be reflected in the following month’s statement instead. You may contact the bank for more details on the refund. 


⚠️ Note

For orders with multiple products paid with credit card instalment, it is possible to request return/refund for one product only. Simply submit a return/refund request for the product as per normal and Shopee will adjust your monthly instalment amount accordingly based on the remaining products.

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