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[Vouchers] What is My Vouchers?

My Vouchers page lets you view all vouchers that you have received, claimed or purchased within the Shopee App.

To access the My Vouchers page, go to the Me tab > select My Vouchers. 

Viewing purchased voucher from main My Vouchers page


You can filter the vouchers by two different filters:

  1. Voucher type filter - Filter shop vouchers, ShopeePay Vouchers, and more.
  2. Urgency filter - Filter vouchers by how urgently you should use them:
  3. Latest - Listed based on how recently they were added
  4. Popular - Listed based on high usage. Those with limited redemptions will also show a Used bar.
  5. Expiring - Listed based on their expiry date; vouchers with the nearest expiry date will be at the top.


Adding vouchers

If you have a voucher/promo code, you can also add it manually to your My Vouchers collection.

Select Input promo code > fill in your code > Apply.



Viewing your voucher history

To view vouchers that have expired or have been used, you can select the History tab.

  Viewing voucher history

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