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[Wholesale] What are wholesale products?

Wholesale products refer to items that are available at a lower price when buying in bulk. You can recognise products that offer the wholesale price by the blue Wholesale label below the search result product images.


Wholesale label on product card


Filter for wholesale products on your search results by selecting Filter > Wholesale under Service & Promotion > Apply


Filtering for wholesale products


Depending on the quantity that you intend to buy, different price tiers apply. Typically, the more you buy, the cheaper the cost of each individual item. You can view these different price tiers on the product page by selecting Wholesale Price > view Quantity and Unit Price.


Viewing wholesale price tiers


Add your preferred quantity to your cart and the wholesale price will automatically apply. 



  • If a product is offering other promotions, the wholesale label and price will be temporarily hidden until the promotions are over. You can reach out to the seller if you want to purchase at the wholesale price.

  • If you wish to buy a product in bulk that does not offer the Wholesale discount, you can also make an offer to the seller directly via Shopee Chat.


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