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[Delivery] Can I change my delivery address after my order has been placed?

You can change your address after placing an order only if you meet all 4 criteria:

  1. The seller has not arranged shipment for your order (for Shopee Supported Logistics).
  2. You have not made payment or payment has not been confirmed (for non-Shopee Supported Logistics).
  3. You have not requested a change of address for the order before. Delivery address can only be changed once for each order. 
  4. Your new address can be reached by the selected delivery service.


If you meet all the above criteria, you may proceed to change your delivery address. 


To do so, go to the Me tab on Shopee App > Select To Ship under My Purchases > Select the order > Select CHANGE beside Delivery Address > Select the address you wish to change to > Select Confirm.


Changing delivery address for order on Shopee App


⚠️ Note

To change to a new address that is not saved in our system, you can Add a new address on the Address Selection page.


Adding new address on Shopee App


If you wish to change your address after your order has been shipped out by the seller, you can: 

  1. Contact our Customer Service team via Live Chat or feedback form.
  2. Contact the logistics partner directly to change your delivery address.
  3. Chat with the seller if the order is shipped via the seller's own delivery fleet or non-Shopee Supported Logistics.

However, the change of delivery address will be based on a best-effort basis.

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