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Payment options
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Payment FAQs

Payment options

[New to Shopee] What payment options does Shopee support?

[Payment status] How do I know if my payment is successful?

[Payment settings] Why can't I add my preferred payment option?

[Bundle Deal] Can I use vouchers and Shopee Coins to pay for Bundle Deals?

[New to Shopee] Can I change my payment method?

Credit/debit cards

[Credit/debit card] Which credit/debit cards can I use on Shopee?

[Credit/debit card] Are there fees if I pay by credit/debit card?

[Credit/debit card] Why can't I check out with my credit/debit card?

[Credit/debit card] How do I delete my credit/debit card details?


[Instalment] How do I pay by credit card instalments?

[Instalment] What are the terms for payment by credit card instalments?

[Instalment] Why can't my credit card be used for instalment payments?

[Instalment] How do I make an early repayment for my credit card instalment?

[Instalment] How do I find details of products eligible for instalment payments?

[Instalment] Can I use vouchers/Shopee Coins if I'm paying by credit card instalments?

[Instalment] Why was I billed for full payment when I opted for credit card instalments?


[ShopeePay] What is ShopeePay?

[ShopeePay] What is ShopeePay PIN?

[ShopeePay] How do I pay with ShopeePay?

[ShopeePay] What if my ShopeePay balance is insufficient during a transaction?

[ShopeePay] How do I change my ShopeePay PIN?

[ShopeePay] How do I verify my ShopeePay account?

[ShopeePay] How do I set up fingerprint or facial IDs for ShopeePay verification? 

[ShopeePay] How do I top up my ShopeePay balance? 

[ShopeePay] How do I view my ShopeePay transaction history?

[ShopeePay] How do I disable my ShopeePay account temporarily if I lose my phone?

[ShopeePay] How do I reactivate a disabled ShopeePay account?

[ShopeePay] How do I transfer funds with ShopeePay?

[ShopeePay] What can I do if I transfer funds to the wrong recipient?

[ShopeePay] How do I add/remove bank account details on ShopeePay?

[ShopeePay] How do I withdraw funds from ShopeePay?

[ShopeePay] How do I get cash bonuses or Coins cashback when paying with ShopeePay?

[Refunds] What can I do if I don't get my refund for a ShopeePay transaction?

[ShopeePay] Why can't I access my ShopeePay account?

[ShopeePay] How do I delete my ShopeePay account?

ShopeePay Merchants

[ShopeePay] How do I pay at ShopeePay merchants?

[ShopeePay] How do I get refunded at ShopeePay merchants?

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