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[Payment settings] Why can't I add my preferred payment option?

Your preferred payment option, such as credit/debit card or bank account may have been rejected due to:

  1. Inactive account/card
  2. Inaccurate submission of details

Inactive account/card

New credit/debit cards need to be activated before they can be used while new bank accounts may take some time to get updated. You can confirm with your bank if your account/card is active.


Inaccurate submission of details

Check both your account/card number and account/card name when adding a payment option on Shopee App.


A wrong format of the name will also be considered as an inaccurate submission of details.

For example, the full name registered under your bank account/card is Sophia Shogi Tarsier. The following entry errors will trigger a rejection:


  1. Incomplete name -  Sophia Tarsier
  2. Missing spaces - SophiaShogiTarsier
  3. Typos - Sohpia Sogi Trasier
  4. Mismatch of name - Soh Pi Shogi
  5. Inclusion of numbers - Sophia Shogi Tarsier85

If you’re still unable to add your bank account or card, contact Shopee Customer Service.

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