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[Group Buy] What are Group Buy purchases?

Group Buy is a promotional feature that allows you to buy products in a group at lower prices. You can invite friends and family to join groups that you have created. 


To create your own group, click on the group buy icon > select the item variant > proceed to checkout and complete payment > invite friends.


What-are-Group-Buy-purchases Create


If your group fails to complete the deal at the end of the promotional period, Shopee will close the group and provide a refund to all members who paid.


To join an existing group with friends or other Group Buy buyers, input the link shared or scroll down > select the group you want to join > select the item variant > proceed to complete payment.


[Group-Buy]-What-are-Group-Buy-purchases Join


You can remind the group members to complete payment before the group expires by tapping on the profile image to begin a private chat.

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