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[Order Receipt] How do I check the proof of delivery for my order?

To check the proof of delivery for orders that have been delivered and received, go to View Purchase History via the Me tab in Shopee App > select an order under the Completed tab > select VIEW at the Shipping Information section > View Proof of Delivery.


Viewing proof of delivery for completed order via Shopee App


This will only be available if the courier has uploaded photo evidence or an image of your signature to acknowledge receipt of the order, which is a practice we strongly advise our couriers to adopt. 


Examples of photo evidence include a photo of the parcel with the recipient, photo of parcel placed outside recipient’s house, and photo of parcel if it is deposited with the recipient's neighbour.


⚠️ Note

Photo evidence will only be stored by Shopee for 30 days from the time the product is received. For more information about photo evidence during point of delivery, refer to our Terms and Service.

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