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[ShopeePay] How do I transfer funds with ShopeePay?

You can transfer funds with ShopeePay via the (A) ShopeePay page or (B) Shopee Chat.


(A) ShopeePay page

To send funds, select Transfer. Or, select Request to receive funds.

ShopeePay funds transfer options


Transferring funds

To transfer funds to a contact, you can do so with their:

  1. mobile number which is registered under their Shopee account.
  2. Shopee account username if you know it
  3. their QR Code on the Request page

Methods 1 and 2

Select Transfer > fill in mobile number/username > select suggestion > enter amount and Description (optional) > Select Virtual Card (optional) > CONFIRM > OK > Transfer Now > Enter ShopeePay PIN


Transferring funds to a contact


Method 3

Alternatively, Scan your contact's QR code or upload an image of it that they have shared.


Scanning or uploading contact's QR code



  1. If you fill in a mobile number not linked to a ShopeePay account, the recipient has to confirm your transfer for it to be processed. If no confirmation is received within 24 hours, the funds will be refunded to you.

ShopeePay transfer in progress


  1. Grant contact list access to the Shopee App to find Shopee-user contacts easily on the ShopeePay transfer page.

Granting contact list access to the Shopee App


Receiving funds

To receive funds from a contact, you can ask them to:

  1. scan your QR code on the Request page
  2. upload an image of your shared QR code

Method 1

Select Request > show it to your contact for scanning


Requesting funds via QR code


Method 2

Select Request > Share > select your preferred option for sharing your QR code


Sharing your ShopeePay QR code


(B) Shopee Chat

You can also transfer funds via ShopeePay from Shopee Chat.

Select chat icon > select recipient > select + > select Transfer > enter amount and Description (optional) > Select Virtual Card (optional) > CONFIRM > OK > Transfer Now > Enter ShopeePay PIN.


Transferring ShopeePay funds via chat



  1. Transfers cannot be undone unless you personally request for the funds from the recipient.


  1. Your ShopeePay account needs to be activated before you can transfer funds via ShopeePay.
  2. You can transfer from both your Refunds and Deposits sub-wallets.
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