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[ShopeePay] How do I pay with ShopeePay?

Online transactions

To pay online with ShopeePay, select ShopeePay during your checkout:

Select Payment Option > Select ShopeePay > Select CONFIRM > Select Place Order > Enter your ShopeePay PIN number > Select OK.


Making a purchase with ShopeePay


If you haven't activated your ShopeePay account, select Activate Now on the Payment Method page. You’ll be guided through the steps to set up your ShopeePay account


Instead of using ShopeePay PIN, you can also verify your identity via other verification methods

Once complete, the payment will be automatically confirmed, and the seller will be notified to ship your order.



  1. You cannot make partial payments with ShopeePay.
  2. If your payment takes a long time to process, restart the Shopee App and check the payment status on your ShopeePay page. If it has failed, try to pay again by accessing the My Purchases page via Me tab > Select To Pay.

Completing payment on My Purchases page

Offline transactions

When you’re making a purchase at brick-and-mortar stores, look out for merchants which support ShopeePay.


ShopeePay merchants


To pay with ShopeePay at participating offline merchants, you can do so by clicking Scan or Pay from your ShopeePay page.

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