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[Payment] How long do I have to make payment for my unpaid order?

Upon placing a successful order, you will need to make payment within a specific time limit to complete your order. This time limit depends on your payment method:


1. For orders placed via debit/credit card, credit card instalment or ShopeePay 

You have 4 hours to complete payment after checkout.   


2. For orders placed via PayNow and eGIRO (Linked Bank Account)

You have 6 hours to complete payment after checkout.


⚠️ Note

Unpaid orders are considered incomplete and will not be processed. If they are not paid within the specified time limit, they will be automatically cancelled by Shopee. 


You can check the payment due date for your order in 2 ways:


1. Via the Order Successful page after you’ve successfully placed an order.



2. Via To Pay in the Me tab on Shopee App 

Under each unpaid order, there will be a reminder that indicates when your payment is due and what payment method you should pay by.


Checking payment information for unpaid orders on Shopee App


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