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[ShopeePay Near Me] Why did my voucher order status change to "Completed" when I have not redeemed or used them?

Order status for Digital Purchase products (e.g. E-voucher, Deals Voucher, and Scan & Pay Voucher) automatically changes to "Completed" after 48 hours.


This does not affect the validity of your Voucher as the “Completed” order status refers to the status of your purchase from Shopee, and not the voucher status. 


The voucher will be valid for redemption as long as: 

  1. You did not Swipe To Redeem the Deals Voucher before approaching the merchant at their storefront. 
  2. The voucher has not expired. 

For more details on your voucher, go to the Me tab in Shopee App > select Digital Purchases > select Completed > choose any voucher to redeem > tap Go to Redeem.


Validity of the voucher will also be shown before it is redeemed.  

Voucher order status change to

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