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[Product safety] Is it safe to buy medicines/health supplements on Shopee?

It is safe if the medicine/health supplement falls under the categories allowed for sale. Shopee allows the sale of over-the-counter medicines and health supplements that fit the Health Sciences Authority's description


You should be wary of, and avoid buying these types of medicines:

  • Prescription medicines

  • Regulated medicines (without an online sales license)

  • Health supplements with misleading, deceptive or false claims

  • Illicit drugs that are illegal to manufacture, sell, or use.

Here are some ways to tell whether it is safe to buy the medicine/health supplement on Shopee:


  1. Complete and untampered packaging

  • Based on the product image, the contents of the medicine/supplement are well-sealed with no signs of tampering.

  • Text and colours of the medicine/supplement are clearly printed and match images from the official manufacturer.

  • Make sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors in the packaging print.

  1. Clear expiration date in Product Description

  • You should be able to find an expiry date either on the product image or within the Product Description.

  1. Registered license

  • Check if the seller has listed an official license

  1. Verifiable details

  • Check for the manufacturer's address

  • If there is a QR code, check that it links to the manufacturer's official website.

To further confirm, check out the Health Sciences Authority's registers for health products and services.


If you come across any product that you suspect is fake or illegal to be sold on Shopee, you can Report this product on its product page, via the Shopee App.


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