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[ShopeePay] How do I view my ShopeePay transaction history?

You can check your ShopeePay transaction history from the Last Transactions section on the ShopeePay page.


Select ShopeePay balance on the Shopee App homepage > View Last Transactions.


Viewing recent ShopeePay transactions on ShopeePay


To view more transactions and filter them, you can scroll to the bottom of the page and select View More. 

Viewing all ShopeePay transactions


You can filter your transactions by:

  1. Incoming/outgoing funds (All > Money In / Money Out)
  2. Incoming funds include top-ups, transfers from contacts, refunds, and more. 
  3. Outgoing funds include all online/offline payments, transfers to contacts, withdrawals, and more.
  4. Time period (Date Range > select preferred time period).

Select any item to view details of your transaction such as Completed Time and payment status.


ShopeePay transaction Details page



  1. If you have made a transaction with ShopeePay, but it is not reflected on the Transaction History page, you can contact our Live agent via chat feature on the Shopee App.
  2. Go to the Me tab > Chat with Shopee
  3. You can COPY the Transaction ID as a point of reference to check with our customer service representative if you encounter problems with any ShopeePay transaction. 
  4. The Reference ID is only required if the agent asks for it.
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