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[Paylah] How do I pay using DBS PayLah! account?

You can link your DBS PayLah! account for a seamless way to pay for your Shopee purchases without the need to log in to your online banking every time. 


This service is available for all Shopee users with a DBS account. 


To link your DBS PayLah! Account, go to Me and Select Account Settings > Select Linked Payment Methods > Select Link DBS PayLah! Express Checkout > Select Setup Express Checkout > Login to DBS PayLah! app > Select View Details and Proceed to enable Express Checkout > Input DBS/POSB User ID and Password for authentication

You will be redirected to the Shopee App automatically once DBS PayLah! is successfully enabled.


Upon linking your DBS PayLah! account, you will be able to use it to transact in Shopee immediately.   

The account linkage will not expire and there is no transaction fee for this service.

If you are unable to pay with DBS PayLah! after linking your account: 

  1. You may have insufficient balance in your PayLah! wallet. Kindly check your PayLah! wallet balance.
  2. Your Paylah! wallet can only be accessed on the current device you are using for security purposes.
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