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[Scam Advisory] What are Part-Time Job scams?

In a part-time job scam, perpetrators pose as Shopee staff or Shopee-affiliated parties using SMSes, WhatsApp messages, or social media to promote a part-time job or a commission-based role.

Victims are then encouraged to make purchases at certain shops with promises that the amount will be refunded with commission. Initially, they may receive refunds as a way for the scammer to gain their trust. It is also possible for the scammer to pretend to be real users and show that they have received the refund and commission.

However, victims will eventually not receive refunds when they make purchases of more expensive items, leading to a financial loss. To avoid becoming a victim of a job scam, here’s what you can look out for:

  1. Shopee job invitations via non-official channels

Shopee will only share information or contact our users via:

  1. Shopee App and Shopee’s hotline 6206 6610 (Our Customer Service agents will only contact you if you reach out for help).
  2. Verified messaging or social media accounts (look out for the tick).
  3. Email, with addresses that end with shopee.com.
  4. Real jobs from Shopee are posted at careers.shopee.sg.

  1. Usage of suspicious job platforms and/or suspicious URLs

Jobs offered by Shopee and any related work are processed via our official platforms and staff emails. If you encounter any suspicious job platforms and/or suspicious URLs, it is likely that it is a scam. You can contact Shopee Customer Service for further confirmation.

If you suspect that your Shopee account has been compromised, please contact Shopee Customer Service at 6206 6610 for further assistance.

Read more about protecting yourself from scams on Shopee Help Centre.

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