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[Shopee Mall Return] Can I request for an exchange for a Shopee Mall product I purchased?

Shopee does not offer direct exchange between buyers and sellers. If you are not satisfied with the Shopee Mall product received, you can return it and re-purchase another product.

Here’s how you can do so:

  1. Raise a Return/Refund request for your order via the Shopee App.

  2. Depending on your Return/Refund reason, you may be asked to select a shipping option (Drop-off or Self-arrange) to arrange the return before you submit your request. 



The seller may offer a full or partial refund before you ship out the product. If the seller offers a full refund or if you accept the seller's partial refund offer, you will not be required to return the product.


To discuss or modify the refund amount proposed by the seller:

  1. Tap “Discuss”.

  2. Tap “Counter”.

  3. At the Counter Refund page, insert your desired counter refund amount.

  4. Tap "Confirm".

  5. Tap "Modify offer".

  6. If you would like to accept the offer, tap "Confirm".

  7. You will see "Refund in Progress" reflected in the page once the refund amount is accepted.




If you do not wish to accept the seller's partial refund offer, you may click ''Continue with Return'' before proceeding with the return to receive a full refund.

After the returned product has been received and checked by the seller or Shopee warehouse, we will process the request and release the refund to you.


You can then proceed to place a new order for your desired product.

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