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[J&T Express] How to claim for lost or damaged orders under J&T Express?

To claim for lost or damaged orders under J&T Express, you must raise a return/refund request before Shopee Guarantee ends and provide all the supporting evidence listed below:



You will be able to claim up to a maximum of $200, depending on your case. The claim must be made within 30 days from the date of delivery.


For claims of lost orders:

  • If the signature on the J&T Express tracking site does not belong to you, please proceed to raise a return/refund request.

  • Select the reason code “Did not receive the order” and indicate under the remark that "the signature doesn't belong to me".


For claims of damaged orders:

  • If the evidence provided is insufficient, our team will contact you to request for more supporting evidence.

  • Please note that we will close the investigation and will not be liable for the damages if we do not receive any response within 2 working days after submission.


If you require further assistance, contact our Customer Service Team through Chat with Shopee via the Me tab on Shopee App.


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