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[Return/Refund] How to request a Return/Refund for incomplete or missing items?

If you received incomplete items (missing products or parts), follow the instructions below when filing for a Return/Refund request via Shopee App.


  1. Go to your Me tab, select To Receive under My Purchases, followed by the order that you wish to return/refund. 
  2. Select on Return/Refund at the bottom of the page.
  3. Select your preferred choice of either I have received my items but there are issues or I didn’t receive my items underHow can I help?
  4.  I have received my items but there are issues : You need to return all items received to receive a refund.
  5.  I didn’t receive my items: You can keep the partial item received and request for partial refund. 
  6. Select the product(s) for return/refund, and choose Parcel delivered with missing item for the reason.
  7. If you have selected I didn’t receive my items previously, you can insert your preferred refund amount under Refund Amount.
  8. Submit relevant photos or video of the product that you have received, showing the incomplete product clearly.
  9. Once you’re done, Select Submit.