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[Buyer Basics] Why do I see “Total price limit exceeded” or “Weight and size limit exceeded” during checkout?

If you see the error message “Total price limit exceeded” or “Weight and size limit exceeded” when you check out your order, it may indicate that your order exceeded maximum shipping allowance. 

On Shopee’s website:  


On Shopee App:




If you wish to proceed with using the shipping option of SingPost - Normal Mail, you will need to edit your total checkout items in the Shopee App or Shopee website.

  1. Make sure the total checkout amount does not exceed SG$20 
  2. Make sure the total checkout dimension & weight are within maximum allowance

To proceed with the same cart amount of more than SG$20, you will need to choose your shipping option from the list of available Shopee Supported Logistics (e.g. SpeedPost Economy). If you are still unable to check out after editing the order, please reach out to us through your Shopee App by tapping on Me, and Chat with Shopee.

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